Arow Softenizer

Softener treats water and reduces its hardness levels.Compact and sleek, sturdy domestic softener's provide you soft water for your every day to day needs.

Uses and benefits of Arow softener

  • With soft water, soaps and shampoos lather more and you feel completly fresh.
  • Reduces hair loss and problems of dry and craggy hair.
  • No scale of build-ups, residual deposits and cloogging.
  • Keeps the beauty and sheen of expensive bathroom gizmos as it is for years and beyond.
  • Increase life and efficiency of your water heaters, washing machines , showers, and other appliances and reduces maintenance costs.
  • Increases the cleaning power of detergents, thus reducing the soap requirements.
  • Stops white clothes from turning yellow, colored clothes from fading and keeps your clothes looking brand new.
  • Cooking is faster in soft water, so consumtion of cooking gas is less.
  • Food and beverages tastes better.
  • Removes scale deposits from utensils and retains their shine for long.

Softenizers are available from 1000litre to 15000litres per hour.