Why Arow

Why go for plastic jars and colorful labels that squeeze your wallet everyday. Switch to Arow Water Purifier and make your own bottled mineral water.

Why Should you have an Arow RO System?

For Purity

100% trust as the water is from your own system using the most comprehensive technology and cost effective method of water purification. No more risk of purchasing spurious bottled water.

For Taste

Taste is preferred for drinking and making beverages such as coffee, tea, soups, juices and drinks.

For Convenience

Convenience of bottled water within your own premises. No more hassels of stocking and carrying of bottles. With your own Water Purification System running pure water 24 hours a day, you can have as much as pure water all you want, at the touch of the finger. Free to use fresh, clear & safe drinking water.

For Economical to use

Economical to use at less than 50 paisa a litre. Saves valuable cooking time and costs.

Arow RO Features

  • Users Advanced RO Technology
  • Prification in front of your eyes
  • Purification just before you drink
  • No chances of contamination
  • Cannot run out of pure water
  • Economical to use