RO Technology

Arow RO is the product of innovation based on consistent market demand of providing a cost effective, easy - to -maintain unit designed for harsh Indian tap feed water conditions to produce high purity, RO water for drinking water needs.

It is designed to provide with many years of use and satisfaction with minimum of maintenance and the lowest operating cost. We are confident that you will find Arow RO -Domestic & Institutional model to be one of the best pieces of purification appliances available today, and for years to come.

It is multi - stage advance water treatment system to make even ground, salty water to bottle water standards using RO technology, which id being used world wide to make bottled mineral water.

ro technology

Reverse Osmsis is a process wherein water is for ced through a semi -permeable membrane by applying strong pressure, thereby allowing only fine water molecules to pass through it. All contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, pesticides, heavy metals and chemical poisons are removed. With added special features, pure water is then collected in a container. Dirty water with impurities is discharged separately.